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This week is really slow at work because most of my classes have been… - [ that probably would have sounded more commanding ] [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 26th, 2014|03:13 pm]
[Current Mood |boredbored]

This week is really slow at work because most of my classes have been canceled while the other teachers prepare their students for the great big graduation ceremony. (Does that sentence make sense? My brain feels like it's dribbling out my ears, so I can't tell.) As you can gather, it's a double edged sword. On the one hand, I love free time just as much as the next person. On the other hand, staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day is not exactly my idea of a great time. My ass hurts! I've been trying to be a bit productive--studying Japanese, researching this or that, whatever takes my fancy, lesson planning... Reading fanfiction. ;) I can't look like I'm having too much fun, unfortunately, so I can't put in headphones and watch a movie or whip out my drawing pad and markers. (Well, actually, I think my drawing pad and markers would be less offensive than headphones, I just haven't been motivated recently. :/ Must get over that.)

It still gets dark pretty early, but it's finally starting to get a little less frosty. I came to school without my heavy coat today! I'll be sad to see the hot cocoa go, though. I'll be even sadder this summer when it's about 1000 degrees plus 100 percent humidity.

Spring vacation's in a few weeks and if I feel less like a lonely little hermit, I'll probably take myself for a distant vacation. I miss my dear friends who I could just occupy the room with and we understood each other. I also miss my queen sized mattress, the oven, American food, and my resident cat. Some things, Japan can't live up to. ;)

Anyway, I don't have much to write about, but that's a little update...