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Watching Supernatural S8! :) [Jun. 17th, 2013|03:10 pm]
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Well, I graduated from university with a double major BA in Int'l Studies (focus on Japan) and Japanese Language (focus on Linguistics) so hallelujah :D Big ceremony was Saturday. Now I'm sitting around in an empty house waiting for some visa materials to come in the mail so I can secure my work visa. (Leaving for Japan to work as an Assistant English Teacher in August.) Dad and Mom helped me move out. :) Now I'm just sitting around eating junk food and using the Internet and going out to take a walk when I feel like it! Supernatural season 8 is what I've been waiting to watch, so here are my thoughts on episode 1! Not that anyone is reading, but.

Tbqh, 8.01 left a lot to be desired, but I do understand why Sam might not have searched for Dean now & gave up hunting. (Which I was REALLY troubled about, so.) If I thought my whole family and group of friends had died in the line of the family business, and I didn't have a single resource left, I don't know if I'd have the heart to go on either...

Also, they have been burned by most of their attempts to find each other in the afterlife... What did Dean want? For Sam to try to make a deal again? To summon Death? To pray--when their only free will angel source got sucked into the abyss just as well as Dean did?! Him lambasting Sam was -kind of- unfair.

I guess if Sam knew Dean was in purgatory that would have been different (I had thought Crowley told him Dean was in Purgatory at the end of season 7, but Sam seemed shocked by the news in this episode, so I guess I was mistaken)--because then there would have been research to be done and potentially options. But those boys are kind of running out of tricks for pulling each other out of the clutch of death... and Sam didn't have anybody! Literally. I'm more sympathetic with him than Dean this episode, although you can't really blame a guy for being on edge after escaping Purgatory. :)

Sam getting a dog and settling down with Amelia (which, he obviously didn't move on THAT well, if he was able to just leave her asleep in the middle of the night as soon as he got word that Dean was back, lol)--is more understandable than Dean making a vampire friend. Although you can't really blame him for taking whatever allies he could get in Purgatory. :D Still, I thought they established that an evil creature is an evil creature is an evil creature in the episode with Sam's kitsune friend!

Anyway, the other thing I didn't like about the episode was that Purgatory didn't seem very scary or ominous at all, and Sam's flashback scenes fell REALLY flat, lol. :D